who we are

who we are


an independent branding & design agency formed almost two decades ago out of a belief that smart, simple, insightful, and authentic design makes a difference. we work for our clients around the world, in 35 countries, across 12 sectors with over 12 multinationals – with offices in major geographies to ensure an almost 24-hour operation for our clients. 

we respond to every project in a bespoke fashion – as required by the deliverables, client priorities & working style. 

our advantage

we operate a global hub structure – servicing all our markets from a centralised studio.

it allows us to not only call on the collective experience of those that have been there from the beginning, but it also ensures a consistency of creative output and thought leadership. 

our operational currency represents unprecedented value internationally and gives us the ability to share the advantages of all the above with like-minded businesses, big and small, old and new, in both traditional categories and the cutting edge of innovation. 

the cumulative experience of our managing partners in the marketing, branding and design categories exceeds 150 years. 

this has a direct impact on our intuition, knowledge and understanding of tasks; and our ability to get to the heart of a brief, the creative direction and to delivery, faster than industry averages.


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our skills
website design & development
packaging design
corporate identities
brand evolution & extension
point of sale & value-added packaging
brand positioning & architecture

maximum value

operating a hub commercial model allows significant cost savings to be passed directly to you so that your budget can get greater value, reach and impact.


battle-tested but also bespoke, and tailored to your unique needs and goals.

art and science

strategy is at the heart of our business – as an objective process for discerning the best course of action for any specified challenge.

best of both

being a proudly independent agency with the resourcing of a multi-national group allows us to bring you the best of both worlds.